Work Plan Development

Based upon procurement strategy- we analysis the internal environment and external environment of the various categories. Were starting a project in that particular category is important(which may not cover the entire organisation) we ensure that the project goes into work plan. We customise a work plan system development according to the organisation.

Audit Trail System

All our work is auditable and we archive and handover all documents to our customers. Were ever possible we strive to get a signed authority letter from internal stakeholders before moving onto next stage.

Benefit Tracking System

AR ventures provide facts and bankable figures to ensure that benefits are tracked systematically. We customise benefit tracking systems for individual projects, however, our primary model for benefit tracking is a highly evolved model- where we track tangible savings and intangible savings, including lost opportunities and cost avoidance.

Contracts Management system

We maintain a database (where allowed as per our contract with the organisation) of all purchasing activities under defined contracts. Contracts coming to their expiry dates are moved to work plans and benefits are accurately measured.

Procurement Performance Management system

We provide systems which can provide detailed procurement performance. When contracted- we provide our performance details. We have a system where we track productivity, technology leverage, cycle time, supplier leverage, error rates, customer satisfaction, and strategic alignment.

eEnablement system development advice

We have experts who can undertake a detailed departmental review (and interaction of procurement with various departments) and provide consultation for adoption of eEnablement systems(were necessary- we perform system analysis and design and use principles of business process re-engineering/Software re-engineering to customize the eSystem to particular organisational needs.

Procurement/Supplies/ Materials Management system development

For Organisations were a materials movement system is not developed, we review the system and develop them. This also included information flow(from point of origin- in terms of requisition and moving from PO to point of payment of invoice). This system is normally applicable to organisations who want to develop their buying department into a formal purchasing department.

Waste Management Systems

We have a highly sophisticated waste management system- were we not just track the end side of waste disposal(going through proper waste treatment procedure and waste disposal route) but also to management waste generation- ensuring waste(generation) is continuously tracked at source, monitored, reduced.