Programme management and Project Management

Our procurement staff members are experienced Programme and Project Managers in the field of Operational process management/improvement, Procurement Based Projects, IT based Projects and Business initiation/development. We primarily use Prince2 Methodology incorporating concepts of JIT, Lean/Agile processes, Collaborative/Integrated techniques etc, however, we as no one solution fits all situations, we deploy resources and undertake programme and project management through various methodologies and techniques.

Communication and Planning

Communication and Planning is the cornerstone of any project management. We communicate leading to engagement with stakeholders (capturing their primary – secondary- tertiary requirements) to ensure that our work is signed off (at each pre-agreed stage) before succeeding to next stage.

Planning is imperative to ensure that resources are deployed effectively, and project parts are run concurrently where ever possible.

Through our Issue Management, Marketing and Risk Management processes our team and AR Venture ensure and potential Upside/Downside risk is managed effectively in timely manner.

Category Management

AR Venture Procurement professional are well versed in various categories were we manage the demand at our client side(through collaboration, consolidation, standardisation, supplier rationalisation, etc) and provide our expert advice on Markets(competition level, targeting potential suppliers, supply risk management and sourcing-Multi/Dual/Single) procuring products & services effectively via deploying resources according to the products/service positioning (of Core/Leverage value ) within the supply chain.

Contract management

At AR Ventures, our procurement professionals not just undertake a tendering exercise but also supervise contract implementation during initial phase and if agreed during the duration of the contract. We have a high track record of meeting the defined KPI’s of the contract.