Stakeholder Management

As an organisation it is imperative to consult and engage with end stakeholders at frequent intervals.   We at AR Venture use Prince2 Methodology were we pre-agree with stakeholders Milestones and Parameters (Quality, Quantity, Timescales, Risk, Limits etc)  and we report back on the basis of management by exception(report back when we are about to breach the agreed milestones/ parameters/ limits).

Procurement strategy integration with Strategic Business Objectives

We have expertise in the field of Business development, Operations, IT and Procurement and we use cross functional expertise to develop procurement strategy to support business objectives.

This is broadly done on the bases of:

Improving Operational efficiency based upon Integrated/Lean/Agile thinking (if applicable); Quality improvement to achieve product/service positioning for target market; and overall cost reduction and operational stability within the organisations.

Front line/end stakeholder’s engagement along with higher management consultation is a key to integration of Procurement strategy with strategic business objectives.

Policy and procedure development/ Alignment with Procurement Strategy

Policy development is based upon the environment and requirements of procurement strategy, however some of the areas that we touch in order to support Procurement strategy via policies and procedures are:

  • Role,
  • Organisation
  • Buying Methodology
  • Influence
  • Innovation
  • Strategic Approach
  • Risk Management
  • Supply chain Management
  • Quality, Environment & Safety Management
  • Cost Management
  • Competencies
  • Systems & Information Management
  • Performance Measurement
  • Time Management

Business Development

We have cross functional expertise which enables us to be in a unique position (compared to other procurement based organisations expertise only) to support procurement but also help in business development (via submission of competitive tenders on behalf of organisation. Our end-to-end business knowledge and Market competitiveness intelligence help organisation achieve the sales and conversation of opportunity into actual sale is a compelling feature.

Strategic Supplier relationship Management

We believe to succeed- an organisation must have bankable, efficient and quality oriented service providers. Organisations usually do not have time to manage smaller and large number of suppliers and this is were AR Venture undertake contract management, were we serve as tier 1 supplier to large number of suppliers(hence, treated as tier 2 suppliers-thus forming strong supplier relationship in Indirect category.

For Direct Category procurement and High Risk Category Procurement- we assist in organisations (during initially contract period) in Strategic supplier relationship development by providing our support and knowledge of process/service development- thus freeing resources of big organisation in supplier development and mentoring. We have high rate of achieving/enabling suppliers to achieve agreed KPI’s .

Consortium Management

In today’s world, volume based cost model is becoming increasingly popular, yet difficult to achieve- unless a like minded/similar risk oriented consortium buying is formed. Individual organisation’s purchasing power can be attractive to suppliers, however, via consortium(where volume of business is pooled together with like minded organisations) economy of scale can enable suppliers to provide more efficient and less costly service. We provide platform (through our existing consortium) for Collaboration/Commitment and maximising commercial leverage over suppliers to gain maximum savings.